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About Me

Hi! My name is Nneoma, and I am a current Junior in college majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track. Some of my favorite things to do during my free time is read Sci-Fi books (currently rereading Percy Jackson), play the Sims 4, or watch comedy movies with my friends. I have mentored and tutored students and my peers for years and have come to truly enjoy it. I’ve learned over time through my many experiences how to accommodate students from many different backgrounds. I consider myself very patient and strive to create a learning environment where everyone can flourish!


Stony Brook University - 2025


Academic Accolades

During my sophomore year of high school, I joined the Girls Empowerment Movement Committee within my school to help plan events specific to enlisting values and skills within young women to set them up for future success. In my Junior year I joined our schools first ever Equity Task Force which aimed to help students and teachers recognize implicit bias and provide resources and opportunities that reduced inequalities within the school. At my graduation I received a Regents Advanced Designation with Mastery in Math and a Community Service Award. While in college I joined the executive board of the National Society of Black Engineers as the Pre-College Initiative Chair and I was founding member of The Underrepresented Minority Women in STEM as the organizations treasurer.

Tutoring Experience

Every summer of high school I volunteered in a program with many cohorts, one of them being a mentorship program for middle school students. The high school I attended is currently ranked #1 in New York State and admission is granted based on upon the score you received on a test. This mentorship program helped prepare students to test into our school or schools like ours. It was because of a program like this that I was successfully able to get in to my high school. My last two summers of high school, I was the manager of the program and worked with the assistant principle to develop key aspects and lesson plans for the program still in use today. Even now that I have moved on to university I still take part in tutoring my peers by being a teaching assistant for various courses.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Throughout my entire time at high school I volunteered on weekends and summers to mentor and tutor both middle school students as well as students preparing to join our high school. During the summer before my Junior year, I was promoted to be the manager of on the cohorts within the tutoring program where I aided in forming lesson plans, as well as tracked attendance and progress of the students. In college, I took many opportunities to volunteer and meet new people such as packing COVID-19 kits and food to be distributed to those in quarantine, hosting a networking event for the College of Engineering, setting up and taking down events for our Class Officer Collective and more.

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  1. Sanayah

    She was a really great tutor and helped a lot and really broke things down and helped me understand how to solve problems.

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