Annie H

Annie H

About Me

Tutoring students and assisting them with resources to reach their academic goals is something I am passionate about. It’s not
only incredibly rewarding, but I am positively impacting their lives, and with the support that they deserve, they can reach their goals. I am eager to continue to contribute to this environment!
My hobbies include playing volleyball, crystal collecting, and snowboarding! I am also working towards becoming an advocate for survivors of Domestic Violence.


Cal State University, Fullerton - 2024

Major in Psychology, Minor in Human Services

Academic Accolades

❖ In High School, my overall GPA was 3.6.
❖ I am on the Dean’s Honor List for my College for four semesters!
❖ My previous role included being a Residential Advisor, where I established mentoring relationships with fifty-four residents, providing academic assistance in the areas of Psychology, Humanities, English, History, Political Science, and Philosophy.
❖ In my sorority, I held the position of Vice President of Academic Excellence, where I worked to provide each sister with a personalized academic plan, hosted weekly study nights, offered academic resources, and recognized their achievements when they met their academic goals!
❖ I am a certified Peer Educator provided by NASPA, the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

Tutoring Experience

❖At my university, I am currently a Teaching Assistant for an Intimate Partner Violence Course, holding virtual weekly office hours to offer students additional assistance and provide updates on opportunities, both on and off-campus, relating to the course material.
❖ Previously, in my Residential Advisor role, I have hosted virtual and in-person study nights each week, where students can come and ask any questions relevant to the subjects of Psychology, Humanities, English, History, Political Science, and Philosophy, as well as any questions relating to resources on professional development. Typically, I receive about 5-10 students per week.
❖ I initiated, planned, and executed a curriculum now integrated into the Resident Advisor’s role, including tips to reduce burnout, emphasizing the importance of self-care and having a support system.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

❖ I am certified in the 40-hour Domestic Violence Training provided by Laura’s House.
❖ My interest and passion lie in mental health and advocating for survivors of Domestic Abuse.
❖ I am currently a Teaching Assistant for an Intimate Partner Violence course at my university.
❖ I collaborated with Congressman Correa about the H.R. 3192 bill, – adding coverage for mental health and substance use disorder services for children.
❖ I served as a Mental Wellness Peer Educator, spreading mental health awareness at my university.


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