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Eugene K

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About Me

Welcome students and parents! It brings me indescribable joy to share my knowledge and see my students grow in their abilities. Playing board games such as Monopoly and Catan is something I find thrilling! What are some activities that you enjoy doing in your free time, aside from school?


UCLA B.S. Chemistry - 2023

Incoming Fall 2024 Masters Student UCSD - NanoEngineering

Academic Accolades

UCLA MIMG Staff Research Associate: Wen Lab (Jul 2023 – Feb 2024).

Undergraduate Research Assistant: Chen Lab (Aug 2022 – June 2023)
& Paulson Lab – (Feb 2022 – June 2023).

Laboratory Assistant Technician (Sep 2021 – June 2022)

Tutoring Experience

I am currently teaching all levels of math and chemistry at Pace Academy of Cypress. I find that word problems or concepts can be less intimidating to tackle when giving guidance that tailors the student’s needs. At UCLA, I have taught math, biology, and chemistry concepts to undergraduates, preparing them for medical school, graduate programs, and industry. As a 4th degree Black Belt Master, I teach taekwondo ranging from 5-year-olds to college students.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I work as a Data Entry Assistant at Pace Academy Foundation. We support over 200+ schools and 2330+ students in Malawi by sponsoring their highschool and college education. In return, the students are asked to display full commitment toward spreading the Gospel and serving the Christian community.

At My Private Professor, our collaboration with the Illumination Foundation involves offering educational assistance to students facing homelessness. I have directly assisted students in such circumstances to enhance their academic achievements.

As a UCLA Chemistry Alumni, I enjoyed my college experience by representing as a Team USA collegiate athlete and the President of the UCLA Taekwondo Club. For a few years, I had the great honor to perform under the UCLA Marching Band and support our NCAA Division I basketball, football, gymnastics, and every imaginable sports teams! This dream school has provided unimaginable opportunities with lifetime friends inside and outside of the academic realm. If UCLA is your dream school, feel free to reach out!

3 reviews for Eugene K

  1. Hina Khan

    Eugene has been a wonderful tutor for my daughter. He goes above and beyond to make sure he is prepared in advance for the chem/math questions she is going to have so they don’t waste any time and he is very flexible with his schedule and open to evenings. My daughters grades have significantly improved since she started working with him in these two subjects – he makes things very easy to understand for her.

  2. Jennifer Newton

    Eugene is an extremely effective and patient tutor. He has been tutoring my son in algebra two and has been instrumental in helping him prepare for quizzes and tests. He is also very dependable with great communication. We have had an awesome experience with Eugene and hoping he will be available to help with chemistry next year also! Thank you Eugene!

  3. Jenn Simchick

    Eugene has been a pleasure to work with! He is great at keeping our daughter on task and interested in the materials being covered. Highly recommend him!

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