Amelia B

Amelia B

About Me

Growing up, I have always had a passion to help others. Whether that was volunteering at my local homeless shelter, or joining the student government at my high school, I always strive to apply my heart for service in any way that I can. I grew up with three siblings, so I have had a lot of opportunities to teach them things and learn how to be a good leader. Additionally, I have had a tutor myself, so I understand the perspective of being a teacher and also a student. I benefitted greatly from someone listening to me and working with me intently, so I hope that I can be that person for others.

In addition to teaching, some of my interests involve exercising, cooking, and exploring new places with my friends! I love participating in anything outdoors and am always working towards a new goal in the gym. If you don’t find me in the gym, you will definitely find me cooking or baking up something delicious or going on an adventure somewhere new.


University of California Berkeley - 2026

Legal Studies

Academic Accolades

  • AP Scores
    • English Language – 5
    • English Literature – 5
    • Psychology – 5
    • Spanish Language – 4
    • Environmental Science – 4
    • US History – 4
    • World History – 4
    • Macroeconomics – 4
    • Government and Politics – 4
  • Currently serving as the Deputy Administration Director of the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Law Review
  • GPA: 3.925 at UC Berkeley
  • Student Representative for Counseling and Academics for Los Alamitos High School Student Government (2022-2023)
  • Earned Principal’s Honor Roll all four years of high school

Tutoring Experience

I’ve been actively involved in tutoring and teaching for several years now, and it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey. One aspect of my experience involves tutoring high school students from my local high school. I started doing this independently, driven by my passion for helping others excel academically. Working with high schoolers one-on-one has taught me so much about patience, adaptability, and the importance of tailoring teaching methods to individual needs.

Aside from high school tutoring, I’ve also volunteered in elementary school classes. Whether it’s assisting with assignments or providing extra support for the teachers, being in the classroom setting has given me valuable insights into child development and effective teaching strategies.

Moreover, I aided developing grassroots business leaders in Nigeria in teaching them financial literacy and marketing strategies.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

  • Orange County Peer Court
    • I served as a juror on juvenile offense cases for peer court.
    • I collaborated with other jurors to discuss appropriate sanctions for the offender and issued sanctions/recommendations to the judge and delinquent.
  • International Business and Development Internship
    • I was paired with 3 grass-roots business partners all living on less than $1.90 a day. I served as fundraising chair where I raised over $750 through fundraisers online and in my community
    • I secured 2 microgrants and led a team of 5 in creating advertising and marketing solutions to aid partners in growing their client base and network.
  • CSF Volunteer
    • Ran community service events such as carnivals, food drives, and tutoring sessions.
  • Student Government
    • I served as both Representative to the Counselors and Academics and Fundraising Chair
    • I worked with the wellness team to create outreach programs that support students’ mental health and act as a liaison between the administration and student.


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