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Kelsey G

Kelsey G

About Me

I would love to tutor students in English because it can help me gain more experience with teaching for my future teaching career. I also want to help students succeed and make learning fun and enjoyable for them. My hobbies and interests consist of
writing/songwriting, reading, dancing, and singing. I am very patient with my teaching style and do my best to help them gain a
useful learning experience.


University of California Davis - 2025


Academic Accolades

Cumulative High School GPA: 4.1 Took 3 IBs in high school; IB English, IB Theatre and Theory of Knowledge Winner of Amber Fawn Wooton-Clark Scholarship Leadership positions: Vice President of Mental Health Society Club, Link Crew Leader (program that mentors freshman throughout the year)

Tutoring Experience

My teaching experiences in the classroom has involved preschoolers, which was in person. I helped with teaching the students how to write certain letters of the alphabet, words that were in their learning books, and assisted with reading to them. To help the students stay motivated and focused, I made sure to ask if they needed help on their work and letting them know if they finish one more part of the assignment they can play. As for tutoring, I have helped my friends on their essay writing by evaluating the strength of their thesis, giving tips on what could be expanded more such as analysis or evidence, and making sure to incorporate what I liked about the paper and things that could be added/improved in the paper. Most of these corrections were given online on their essay documents.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Experiences of volunteering and giving back to my community include the Youth Action Corps program, Unicef Club and coaching a local cheer team. With both Youth Action Corps and Unicef, I gained the opportunity to do community service events that involved giving fun events for children such as Halloween carnivals and easter egg hunts, donate to children in need, and cleaning up parks to help the environment.


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