Dawn S

Dawn S

About Me

I am a current student at Tulane University majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Religious Studies. I love to meet new people and work in social environments, especially with kids! I believe that it is important to have academic support in order to thrive in an academic setting and I like to tutor because I find it fulfilling to have a profound impact on someone’s life. My hobbies include dancing, art, and travel!


Tulane University - 2025

Neuroscience Major/Religious Studies Minor

Academic Accolades

  • Tulane University GPA: 3.75/4.00
  • Academic Scholarship: $15,000/year
  • SAT: 1490
  • Relevant AP Scores:
    • AP Psychology : 5
    • AP AB Calculus: 5
    • AP Biology: 4
  • Leadership:
    • Executive Board for the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students at Tulane University
    • Research Assistant for CRISPR research at Tulane University
    • Research Assistant for epilepsy research at the University of Edinburgh

Tutoring Experience

I have previous work experience as a behavior technician to children with autism from ages 5-16 with the goals of promoting the development of positive behaviors. As a prerequisite for this position, I took a course in which I learned applied behavioral analysis (ABA) techniques which are very useful when encouraging learning in an efficient manner. This position was very hands on and rewarding to see that these techniques had a profound impact on the students that I worked with.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

  • Volunteer Dance Instructor for students with disabilities for 3 years
  • STEM Outreach volunteer at Tulane University


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