Ailee V

Ailee V

About Me

I love teaching and seeing how students can learn in the best way for them. Each person is so unique and to serve them in that way brings a lot of joy. I am someone who loves learning myself so helping others discover their own passions and loves is very life giving. I love traveling and reading so I’m always up to share that with others.


Wheaton College - 2026

International Relations

Academic Accolades

Honors Literature, Honors Calculus, Latin Summa Cum Laude, 3.98 high school GPA, Dean’s List Freshman year of college. SAT Score: 1370 ACT score: 32 AP Score: 5 AP Psych

Tutoring Experience

Kingsway International Pre-School/Kindergarten English Teacher, Round Table Church Bible Teacher, BM Education English Teacher, Elementary school Homeschool Teacher

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have taught English and done humanitarian work in many global south nations. I have volunteered with the Sisters of Charity.


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