Chioma C

Chioma C

About Me

I love teaching, and I often explain things to my peers when we study, and they understand it when I do. It makes me happy to help others gain understanding.

I love to sing, act, dance, assembler new furniture, and organize my time on Google Calendar and notion.


University of California San-Diego - 2027

Chemical Engineering

Academic Accolades

  • Math Honors Award in High School
  • College BoardNational African American Recognition Award
  • Salutatorian in High School
  • Most Engaged Student Award at the PREFACE: Rising 10th & 11th Graders 2021 Summer Cohort
  • Engineering Design Award at the PREFACE: Rising 10th & 11th Graders 2021 Summer Cohort
  • AP Scores:
    • AP Literature and Composition Score 5/5
    • AP US History score 4/5
    • AP Statistics Score 4/5
    • AP Chemistry Score 4/5
  • East Bay Community Foundation Lam Research Institute Scholar.
  • I am the youth representative for my religion for the California and Nevada regions.
    • It entailed working with fellow youths and adults to plan activities and events for other youths in the religion.

Tutoring Experience

While in high school, I tutored middle schoolers in math in person. I would often help with homework assignments and help explain concepts they needed help with.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

In high school, I tutored middle schoolers in math, and the teacher informed me of a 20% increase in students’ scores due to my help! I was a high school ambassador for BigFuture by the CollegeBoard, and it involved serving as a peer mentor and informing people about scholarship opportunities at BigFuture.


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