Shruti R

Shruti R

About Me

I love to tutor because seeing the look of understanding on a student’s face is one of the biggest reasons I have a passion for education. As an undergraduate student getting my BS in Education Studies, I want to gain some experience teaching while also helping students out in areas where they are struggling. My teaching philosophy is that each student is unique and has unique needs. Thus I try to maintain inclusivity and supportiveness in any learning environment. I have the utmost dedication in ensuring that each student’s needs are met, and I hope to inspire a life long love for learning. I am an avid reader, and that is my most time-consuming hobby as of now.

I also love to bake, visit the beach, traveling, and volunteering (I volunteer at a local food bank every Sunday). Although these are my most frequent hobbies, I am a perpetual learner and love trying out new things.


University of California, San Diego - 2026

Education Studies

Academic Accolades

- 3.98 GPA in my undergraduate program - 4.26 GPA in high school -Experience working at Kumon, as a preschool teacher, and as a student teacher in elementary/middle school classrooms - Experience working as an independent tutor all through high school

Tutoring Experience

- I was an online and in person tutor at Kumon for about a year. I worked with children ages 3-12. - I worked at a preschool for 1.5 years where I was primarily engaging with children ages 3-5. - Through my college classes I have been student teaching in a variety of classrooms, but I have primarily worked with 4th and 6th graders. - I was also an independent tutor during high school. I tutored in math, language arts, Spanish, and humanities.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

- Founded GirlUp at my high school through which we fundraised and empowered underrepresented women - Current volunteer at the San Diego Food Bank - Through classes at UCSD I have volunteered in elementary school classrooms (~100 hours completed)


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