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Emma E

About Me

It’s no surprise that I love learning, particularly about languages. Getting to share my passion with others is always so much fun! If I had more free-time, I would love to learn more languages, particularly ASL. Outside of school, though, I love video and board games, singing/music, anime, and more; I’m a huge nerd! My favorite Pokémon is Psyduck. I also love listening to audiobooks, particularly fantasy and Sci-fi. If you need any recommendations, let me know! Lastly, I am such an animal lover. I have a black cat named Karl, and she’s a sweetheart!


University of Iowa - 2025

Spanish, World Language Education, ESL Certification

Academic Accolades

Education has always been a passion of mine! I had an above 4.0 GPA in high school, and a 3.99 GPA now, a 32 ACT score, Honors classes throughout my education, a 5 in AP Literature and Language and a 4 in AP Spanish (Language), and Seal of Biliteracy in Iowa. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the World Language Department Achievement Scholarship from my high school, Pleasant Valley, for academic preparation, interpersonal skills, professional behaviors, and community-mindedness. I am also receiving an academic scholarship from the University of Iowa for my achievements. Currently, I am in a Spanish practicum at Iowa City West High School with the incredible Jamie Sandhu, and I anticipate to complete two more practicums before I student teach: one for Spanish at a middle-school level, and another for ESL at an elementary school level. On top of all of this, I am a 2E or "twice-exceptional" student!

Tutoring Experience

As a Spanish and World Language Education double major at the University of Iowa, I am constantly improving my education skills! I am also pursuing an endorsement in ESL. I have done observation at my high school, as well as practicum at Iowa City West High School. I have informally tutored classmates, family friends, and a few children who did not speak English as a Group Leader as the YMCA. Before student teaching, I anticipate completing 2 more practicums: middle school Spanish and elementary ESL.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I am planning to volunteer with other educators, though I have not yet had an opportunity to do so. I did volunteer in high school, though, with my church, my high school theater summer camp, and a food bank. All were incredible experiences that made me feel so connected to others around me! I also consistently give blood, a torch I've carried on from my grandfather, who can no longer give after he beat kidney cancer. I've donated over a gallon and a half of blood; so simple, yet so rewarding!


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