Whether you love or despise math, if you’re a student, there’s likely no escaping the subject. At least for a little while, anyway. Luckily, the internet is rife with helpful resources that can help students learn, reinforce, and conquer all concepts in math. 

If you’re working on mastering fractions, solving word problems, or simply want to feel more confident and maybe reduce your math anxiety, you can find an online resource that suits your needs. 

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides students with online lessons and practice in math, and also offers free progress-tracking tools. Plus, the content is available in 40+ languages.

2. Math is Fun

Math is Fun is an excellent supplementary resource for students. It’s very easy to use, and offers tips, tutorials, and worksheets in a wide range of mathematical topics. 

3. Math Playground

Math Playground embraces gamification by providing students with different games that drill in the fundamentals, and ultimately, help students improve their skills and knowledge so they can advance to more complicated areas. 

4. Buzzmath

Containing Common Core-aligned math content, Buzzmath provides students with work that’s curated to their unique needs. Students can utilize it to reinforce what they learn in class, and get live feedback. 

5. Illuminations

Illuminations uniquely offers a ton of math lessons and activities based on real-world situations. As such, these lessons tap into students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

6. Math Nation

This one seems to have it all: Math Nation offers worksheets, video lessons, purchasable workbooks, and end-lesson quizzes to evaluate student progress. It also provides students with study guides and edge xl assessments.

7. CanFigureIt Geometry

As the name suggests, CanFigureIt Geometry specializes in reinforcing students’ geometry skills. The site provides students with access to 460 different geometry proofs that they can use to practice their skills. Essentially, this resource allows students to practice their critical thinking skills around geometry and develop a better understanding of how they arrive at their solutions. 

8. Mathplanet

Mathplanet is another gamification-heavy resource that allows students to practice and advance their skills. The site includes areas such as fractions and mixed numbers, geometry, decimals, multiplication, division, and number sense. 

9. VirtualNerd

VirtualNerd is great for students who are looking for the flipped classroom experience (where they can learn the material independently, prior to class). The site offers straightforward tutorials, which help students apply the concepts and necessary skills in class. VirtualNerd provides students with a great breadth of ACT/SAT tutorials, and utilizes clear step-by-step methods to teach the concepts. 

10. Math-Aids

Covering 94 different topics in math, Math-Aids is filled with worksheets for students in all K-12 levels. Every day, the site adds a new worksheet—and if you’re looking for something in particular in your worksheets, you can request it!

How to improve confidence in math

11. PBS Math Club

Keeping it fun and trendy, PBS Math Club is a PBS Digital Studios product that introduces and explains concepts using pop culture references. The site features a “web series” (basically episodes) that teach common core-aligned concepts, including adding/subtracting integers, equations, ratios/proportions, and statistics. Plus, each episode contains an interactive quiz which allows students to drill in what they just learned. 

12. MathTV

MathTV is perfect for students who learn best through auditory means. The site offers step-by-step solutions to which students can listen! This site is a great supplementary resource to help students reinforce what they’ve already learned in class. 

13. Fun Brain

Another supplementary resource for students, Fun Brain provides plenty of games which help students build on what they’ve learned in class and advance their knowledge. This site is also helpful for students who want/need extra practice outside of class.

14. Get the Math

Get the Math is valuable in that it provides students with insights about how math is used in the real world, outside of class. The site provides short videos that highlight how professionals from various sectors use math in their careers. After watching these videos, students are given the opportunity to take on problems based on the video they just watched—and then can complete further challenges on the topic. 

15. Topmarks

A UK-based online platform, Topmarks is a comprehensive resource for students that need help mastering concepts. The site offers a variety of activities, games, quizzes, and assessments that can help students reinforce and strengthen their understanding of concepts. Topmarks offers support for both basic operations and more advanced topics, and the content is organized by age group.