In the classroom, children love spectacle. They love a special day—and understandably so! Be honest now — when’s the last time you turned down a pizza party? 

So, to welcome in the new year, whether at the end of December or beginning of January, consider having a special classroom celebration.

Here are some ideas!

  1. Have a class picnic.
  2. Have a themed dress-up day.
  3. Do a class-wide Secret Santa.
  4. Hold a classroom reflection period.
  5. Create a collage or quilt as a class.
  6. Make these fun, decorative styrofoam cup fireworks
  7. Have a dance party — make it even more fun by creating a collaborative playlist!
  8. Create memory books, Where each page holds a different memory from the school year thus far.
  9. Try making these fun DIY noisemakers
  10. Have an “accomplishment session,” where students talk about one of their accomplishments in school so far.
  11. Decorate DIY New Year’s resolution jars.
  12. Create a slideshow of photos/videos of the year thus far.
  13. Create a scavenger hunt on school grounds for students.
  14. Have a karaoke day!
  15. Create a class New-Year’s-Eve Mad Libs.
  16. Create a collective chalk mural outside.
  17. Have a classic pizza party.
    • Or, have an ice cream sundae bash! (Or both!)
  18. Work on this New Year’s Day printable word search as a class.
  19. Have an “exhibit” where students get to feature their favorite projects from the year.
  20. Help students come up with New Year’s resolutions with these resolution flipbooks
  21. Do a flash mob.
  22. Learn about the history of New Year’s Eve.
  23. Have a garden day.
    • Then, make this more special by allowing each student to plant a tree or plant.
  24. Make setting resolutions more fun with this DIY New Year paper fortune cookie project.
  25. Write/create a collaborative story and reap the benefits of storytelling
  26. Have a craft session with this festive Fireworks in a Jar activity. 
  27. Make festive DIY New Year masks
  28. Complete a festive jigsaw puzzle as a class.
  29. Read short stories about New Year.
  30. Create DIY time capsules as a class. 

Happy New Year!