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Set Your Availability

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Confirming & Completing Sessions

Confirming & Completing Your Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who on the MPP team do I contact?

    If you have any questions surrounding client communication, booking difficulties, your tutor profile/dashboard, &  everything else, please contact You can also call/text us for support at 909.529.1412

  • How does the tutor rate breakdown work?

    Each tutor is free to choose whatever they’d like as their take-home rate. We then set a posted rate for this tutor in which 60% goes back to the tutor (which is equal to the tutor’s requested take-home rate). The remaining 40% of the posted rate goes toward operating expenses & giving back.

    Thus, if you want to take home $40/hour, we need to post a rate of $67 via the following formula:

    Client rate/ posted rate = 60/100
    Client rate x 100 / 60 = posted rate

    40/67 = 60/100 (60%)
    40 x (100/60) = ~67

  • How do I get paid?

    We usually try to do payouts weekly on Tuesdays via Zelle. If you have a Zelle account, please let us know what email or phone number it is connected to so we can ensure you receive your payments.

  • What does it mean to be an independent contractor?

    An independent contractor is a person who is contracted to perform work for—or provide services to—another entity as a non-employee. As an independent contractor at MPP, we do not deduct any taxes from your earnings.

    However, if you make over $600 in a year, My Private Professor needs to report your earnings to the IRS and you are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings as needed.

  • Do we have to come up with materials for the session if the parents don’t provide us with materials?

    Yes. At My Private Professor, this is your classroom. Tap into your expertise, experience, and passion to teach in ways you’ve found effective and make sure to keep the student’s goals in mind. After talking to the client, if they don’t already have materials that they need to work on, please create a lesson for the tutoring session.

  • Does MPP provide the Zoom meeting ID for online sessions?

    No. It is the tutor’s responsibility to create their own Zoom meeting IDs and make sure the client has access to the session.

  • I haven’t had any booked tutoring sessions, what can I do to ensure more clients?

    We are a tutoring platform & we cannot guarantee tutoring hours or clients to any tutor. Each of the tutors on our team are independent contractors & not employees. We do what we can to feature our tutors and provide opportunities to get additional bookings.

    However, we have a ton of opportunities for tutors to market their services on our social media. We also have paid blog writing opportunities for tutors. You can find our blog guidelines here.

  • What are the corporate clients and how are they different from regular tutoring sessions?

    We’ve had the amazing opportunity of working with corporate clients on their education initiative where we provide online tutoring for company’s employees’ children in all K-12 subjects.

    We have negotiated a flat take-home rate for all K-12 subjects of $23/hour for any tutor who decides to participate (you will continue to earn whatever rate you’ve set for all non-Education Initiative clients). The flat rate is based on a mutual services agreement with the corporate client.

    However, despite the change in rates, we expect the same proper communication, reliability, respectfulness, and dedication from all our tutors.