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Trinidi F

Trinidi F

About Me

One thing that I have always enjoyed since I was a little kid is math, which given its contents surprises a lot of people. It is this particular love for math that makes me so honored to tutor students who struggle in the subject. Math is foundational in every fiber of life itself and if I can make just one person enjoy or understand math a little better than they did before, than I feel fulfilled. Beyond my love for math, I also enjoy singing. I sing every weekend at my church choir and have entered into a few competitions. Additionally, I really enjoy playing the EA game The Sims, if you know what it is, you’ll understand why.


Case Western Reserve University - 2025


Academic Accolades

I received a 27 on my ACT in my junior year of high school. I received 3's on both my AP Language Arts and AP Calculus AB tests during 2020. I also received a 4 on my AP Macroeconomics exam in 2020. I have a cumulative 3.812 GPA at my collegiate institution Case Western Reserve University. When I was in high school I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.534 final GPA, which earned me the Bausch and Lomb Science award from Rochester University. My academic accolades in high school earned me a university scholarship at Case Western Reserve University. Finally I have teaching experience as I am currently employed at A Grade Ahead, where I help teach K-12 students virtually in both math and language arts. Furthermore, I tutored throughout middle school, high school, and into college.

Tutoring Experience

I hold a position at the institution A Grade Ahead, formerly known as Math Wizard. Where I teach students K-12 foundational mathematics and the foundations of language arts virtually. Furthermore, when I entered college I tutored one of my classmates in Precalculus and helped him understand the concepts better. Overall, I have been tutoring since middle school in multiple subjects, but specifically math.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I often volunteer at the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank in Ohio, where we work to serve the underserved community food twice a month.


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