Sara R


Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2023

Majors/Minors/Specialization: English/History

Graduate University:

Year of Graduation:


Academic Accolades:

In high school, I earned a score of 4 on all AP tests I took: English Language, English Literature, US History, and US Government. On the SAT, I scored a 1310. In my first year of college at the University of Nevada Reno, I was a member of the honors program. I also was a member of the honors program at De Anza College for the next two years. I am committed to my academics and to scoring well, but part of my drive to perform well comes from an understanding that it is about more than performance. It is more importantly about a student processing and fully understanding the information they learn and being able to integrate it into their day-to-day interactions with the world.

Tutoring Experience

I have worked as a private tutor for one student employed by the student's parents. With this student, we focus on reading comprehension, analytical writing, and creative writing at her fourth grade level. I develop lesson plans tailored to her specific needs each session based on her performance on the previous week's homework. Through this tutoring method, I have seen her grow in her skills as a writer and reader and grow more confident in her analytical and creative writing skills.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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