Radovan L


Graduate in English from Stanford University who specializes in English, Essay Writing, and ELA, with some experience coding.

Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: Stanford University

Year of Graduation: 2020

Majors/Minors/Specialization: English/Symbolic Systems

Graduate University:

Year of Graduation:


Academic Accolades:

National Merit Scholar SAT Score: 2290 SAT Lit: 800; SAT Math II: 760 AP Physics B: 5; AP Chemistry: 5; AP Literature: 5; AP Language: 5; AP US Government and Politics: 5; AP Calculus AB: 5; AP Calculus BC: 5 College GPA: 3.7 HS GPA: 3.84 Leader on Celebration Committee, Summerbridge

Tutoring Experience

Teaching Fellow | Summerbridge at San Francisco University High School Tutor and Counselor | Edgewater Performing Arts Essay Tutor | Structured Liberal Education Tutor | East Palo Alto Taube Tennis Center

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

East Palo Alto Taube Tutoring (Tutored low-income students from East Palo Alto as volunteer) Challenger Baseball (acted as volunteer to facilitate baseball games for disabled/differently abled players during the summer)


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