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Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: New York Universtiy

Year of Graduation: 2023

Majors/Minors/Specialization: Applied Psychology

Graduate University:

Year of Graduation:


Academic Accolades:

ACT: 32 AP Scores: 5 on AP US History, 5 on AP Lang, 4 on AP Chemistry, 4 on AP Literature, 5 on AP Psychology, 5 on AP Calculus AB. GPA in high school: 4.0 Class Rank in high school: 1 of 435 GPA at NYU: 4.0 Scholarships: DEA Scholarship, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Honors: Valedictorian, Member of Spanish National Honors Society Leadership positions: Captain of Varsity Volleyball, Leader in Sources of Strength, member of Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

Tutoring Experience

Tutor with America Reads--tutor in a 3rd grade public school classroom in New York City. Part of the job included working 1-on-1 with English Language Learners and working with the students on test preparation. Volunteer Tutor with the GO Project--tutor for middle schoolers every weekend. Worked with students on math, in addition to working 1-on-1 with students who struggled with reading and dyslexia. Tutor at Appleton North High School--part of the Tutoring club which involved tutoring fellow students. Tutoring consisted of working on homework and preparing for exams. I worked with a 6th grade student who had ADHD and Dyslexia at the GO Project. We worked on reading and grammar together every week.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Volunteer with GoProject NYC from January 2020 to May 2020 Graphic Design and Social Media Helper at Fox Valley Literacy Council from September to October 2019 OutReach Farm Project Volunteer at Rancho Community Church from 2016-2018 Tutor at Rancho Christian High School and Appleton North High School from 2015-2019


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