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Micah A

Micah A

More About Me

I love to make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives and give back to my community.  It is an incredible feeling to help someone understand something that they didn’t before. I will always focus on the student’s needs and work at the pace that they are comfortable with. I make sure to ask them for feedback on what learning styles work best for them and work together to identify their goals and challenges during their learning process.

If a student had given up, I would remind them that failing is normal and inevitable. I would also encourage them to believe in themselves, and support them to stay positive and confident in their abilities when they are stuck or stressed. To assess a student’s understanding, I would ask them to explain the material back to me without looking at their notes. This will reveal the gaps in their knowledge and help me identify what to focus on teaching. In terms of the problem-solving process, I would ask the student to walk me through their thinking and approach to the problem. From there, I would assess whether they understand why they were stuck and help them see the problem in a different way.

What to Expect as Your Tutor:

I’m available for remote tutoring sessions in math and writing for students in elementary school and middle school.


UC Davis - 2023

Cognitive Science with Computational Emphasis, Minor in Science and Technology Studies

Academic Accolades:

30 ACT, 3.9 college GPA, honors Winter and Fall 2020, Videographer and Web Manager for Davis Women in Business, Digital Marketing Intern at Stock'd Supply, Research Assistant at Mind-Emotion Development Lab.

Tutoring Experience

Tutor for Research Methods in Psychology Class. Teacher of my own online class called Understanding the Mind & the Limits of A.I.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I was a first-aid responder on Israeli public ambulances. I also volunteered to help elementary school students with their reading comprehension skills.


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