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Mackenzie L

Mackenzie L

About Me

I love seeing the impact that a good tutor can have on a student. I myself grew up with the best tutor in the world – my sister. When I was growing up my sister, who is 5 years older than me, would spend every afternoon teaching me all the interesting things from school which is what sparked my love of math. When I was in kindergarten I practically had my times table memorized. By 5th grade I was pretty familiar with exponents. That’s why, as soon as I was legally able to work, I found a job teaching math to young students in my community. I am passionate about helping others and making academics more accessible. Since then, I have accumulated more than 5 years of tutoring and childcare experience and hope to continue working with students for years to come.

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University of Vermont - 2026

Major: Psychology; Minor: Art Minor, Special Education

Academic Accolades

AP Scores:; Calculus AB: 5; Calculus BC: 4; Statistics: 3; Presidential Scholarship at the University of Vermont

Tutoring Experience

3 years as Math Instructor at Mathnasium 2 years as Private Tutor 1 year as Assistant Teacher at Marin Enrichment 2 years as Mentor in WISE Mentoring program 3 years as Helper in Special Education Program

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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