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Lydia Y

Lydia Y

More About Me

Hello! My name is Lydia Yaley, and I am a Mathematics Education major at the University of Iowa. I enjoy doing anything outside, playing games, and being with my family. I have a passion for helping students develop their problem-solving skills and would love to work through tough concepts with you in order to better your understanding of math!

What to Expect in a Session:


University of Iowa - 2023


University of Iowa - 2024

Teaching and Learning: Mathematics Education, MAT

Academic Accolades:

High School GPA — 4.03/4.00; AP Calculus BC Exam Score — 5; AP Statistics Exam Score — 5; ACT Score — Composite — 34; Science — 31; Math — 31; Reading — 36; English — 36; Scholarships — The Iowa Flagship Award; Henry Kepner Math Education Scholarship; University of Iowa Cumulative GPA — 4.09/4.00; University of Iowa Honors Program — 2020-Present; University of Iowa Dean's List — Fall 2020-Spring 2021.

Tutoring Experience

Volunteer Teacher's Assistant for a high school Pre-Calculus class — When students were working on homework or during review sessions I would walk around and answer any questions that absent or confused students had. Personal Tutor — I helped an 8th grade student when they were taking Algebra I. They had confusion regarding the problems and how concepts connected, so I would take the time to understand where they were at in order to best encourage and guide them. Practicum Student — I independently prepared and taught multiple lessons, and was observed for three of those lessons by a supervisor. When I wasn't teaching I would be available for questions or further explanation. Kindergarten Sunday School teacher — I planned and co-taught hour long lessons, engaging the students in active learning and planning activities that kept their attention.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Kindergarten Sunday School teacher — I planned and co-taught lessons that kept students actively engaged in their learning and fun activities Iowa Cru, University of Iowa Student Ministry — I co-lead a weekly small group for freshmen in college that focuses on building community and learning; I serve on the Shepherd team, which works with leadership to plan and coordinate the weekly large group meetings; I also serve as president of Iowa Cru, which requires me to communicate with the University of Iowa about University and Cru policies. Worship band — In high school I served on the youth group worship band weekly. I also served on the Sunday morning church service worship band regularly.


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