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Lola R

Lola R

About Me

I have enjoyed tutoring and teaching through my work experience. I find it to be the most ethical and rewarding thing a person
could do, and seeing how proud those I teach are of themselves after learning something new is my favorite part. I like to find what ways the student will learn, and apply myself to it.


University of California Santa Cruz - 2024

Philosophy Major, Literature Minor

Academic Accolades

Sailing Instructor for 6 years, allowing extensive knowledge in conveying complex ideas in a simple way. Women’s Team Sailing Captain at UCSC, organizing large groups of people well and encouraging new members to learn.

Tutoring Experience

I have taught sailing for 6 years, and really enjoyed watching students find their own passion in something I love. Everyone has different reasons for enjoying learning, and I love to see the variety that comes with it. I tutored ranges of 5-15 year olds with reading, writing and math, and found it often to be the best part of my day.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I am currently starting my time with “Food Not Bombs” in Santa Cruz, CA, volunteering with others to provide meals to those experience homelessness. I hope to pursue this area of work post-grad as well.


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