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Kayla H


University of California, Davis - 2024

English with an emphasis in literary criticism

Academic Accolades:

During my time in high school, I dedicated my time to my school work. I worked for my school's yearbook committee for three years, and for two of them was the copy editor. I worked tirelessly to produce three books and edit over 2000 pages for any errors! Through my work, we won Best High school yearbook in California 2 years in a row! I also took multiple AP tests scoring a four on my AP language and composition exam and a four on my government and politics exam! I also worked on my school's journalism committee for a year and produced multiple articles that starred on our school's website! In high school, I also held a 4.3 GPA for all four years I was there, and now in college, despite the struggles, I still managed my 4.0 GPA.

Tutoring Experience

When we had new students join us in my yearbook class, I was responsible for teaching, in two years, about 60 students how to write copy and edit it to make it fit with our yearbooks theme! I also lead multiple meetings to help show my fellow peers how to use our yearbook website Jostens which was intimidating for those who just joined! I also was a babysitter for about two years, during which that time I often helped them with their homework and was the person they always reached out to for help! Additionally, I have worked in special needs classrooms and helped them developed skills such as identifying colors, shapes, and even how to cook!

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have often volunteered with the American Red Cross and have gone to multiple events that have helped give back to the community, especially children with disabilities! Additionally, I have volunteered with an organization know as Leaps and Bounds physical therapy and have helped set up multiple events and worked game booths with young children! I love working with children and showing them more knowledge!


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