Katie G


Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: University of Georgia

Year of Graduation: 2024

Majors/Minors/Specialization: Ecology & Theatre

Graduate University:

Year of Graduation:


Academic Accolades:

I received a high school GPA of 4.00 and was ranked 3/284 in my class. My UGA GPA is 3.86. I received a 5 on the AP Bio Exam score and the AP Calculus exam. My SAT score was 1490. I received an Experiential Learning Scholarship from UGA to attend the Coastal Summer Semester 2021 on Sapelo Island, where I took marine science courses and conducted my own research project on coastal bird communities. I was the President of my theatre troupe for 2 years, and the theatre intern. I was also a STEM lab aid and president and founder of Outdoor Club. I directed 3 plays at Walnut Grove High School. I received the UGA Certificate of Merit and the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence (twice).

Tutoring Experience

As a STEM Lab Aid, I helped plan lessons and grade assignments, and I also helped tutor students in adv. and regular biology. I have assisted in a lot of theatre-related education as an intern, troupe president, director, and more.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have volunteered consistently at my church since I was 12. I participate in community clean-ups, clothing drives, and more. I still volunteer for old teachers to help organizing and plan lessons. I also volunteer for my high school's drama program to help run events.


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