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Katelyn Y

Katelyn Y

About Me

I love to tutor because I generally love to work with kids and students. I’ve spent my life around kids whether it’s in church, school, or extracurriculars. I believe that learning should be fun and interesting so that students are more engaged and receptive. I’m very devoted to my studies and am currently a student at UCSB, studying psychology and brain sciences. I love to watch TV/movies, practice calligraphy, and draw! I’m also into kpop/krnb and kdramas!

What to Expect as Your Tutor:


University of California, Santa Barbara - 2025

Psychology and Brain Sciences

Academic Accolades

SAT score: 1450; High school GPA: 3.7 (unweighted); 7 AP classes (all scores 3-4); UCSB Brain Exercise Initiative volunteer; Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - Student of the Year candidate; Club H.O.P.E. (HS) President.

Tutoring Experience

TA at UCSB Children's Center: assisting in toddler and infant classrooms with teaching and babysitting responsibilities. English tutor for Freshman english (as a junior) English/Math tutor for an middle school students (individually through parent contacts).

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society — SOY Candidate 2020: I was part of a 7 week long fundraiser to raise money for a cure for cancer with a focus on an honored hero with cancer. In this fundraiser, I put together, lead, and held biweekly meetings for a team. I also made phone calls, emails, and sent letters to potential donors. In the end, I raised $5,000 alone and $10,000 with my team altogether. UCSB BEI (Brain Exercise Initiative): In this volunteer organization, we work with elderly homes with elders that have Alzheimer’s. I do weekly brain exercises including trivia, math, and reading with these elders, in addition to socializing with them. These brain exercises are scientifically studied and proven to help with early on set of Alzheimer’s.


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