Kassandra O


Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: University of California, Santa Barbara

Year of Graduation: 2022

Majors/Minors/Specialization: History Major/Education Minor

Graduate University:

Year of Graduation:


Academic Accolades:

SAT U.S. History Subject Test: 710 AP US History: 5 AP English Language: 5 AP Psychology: 5 AP Literature: 4 High School cumulative GPA: 4.3 (weighted) Top 10% of the graduating class College cumulative GPA: 3.95 Dean's Honor List Mathilda Christiansen Kuehl AndWilliam Kuehl Scholarship

Tutoring Experience

I was a teaching assistant from August 2017 to June 2018 during my senior year of high school for a Sophomore English class. During this position, I graded papers and helped tutor any sophomores that needed extra help. I am also pursuing a minor in education and have taken multiple courses about teaching.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Outreach Coordinator for Students for Reproductive Justice: spreading awareness to the Santa Barabara community about reproductive justice and advocating on the local, state, and federal level for reproductive justice for all. Morse High School One World Cabinet Member: a club dedicated to fighting social injustice around the globe, every year we picked a cause for the whole school to focus on for a week: human trafficking, teen suicide, refugees, equality, etc. and raised awareness and funds for those causes Human Rights Board: an organization dedicated to fighting for human rights on and off-campus, through raising funds and awareness.


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