Kalea R

Kalea R

About Me

I am freshman at Rutgers University Honors College in New Brunswick studying Psychology, Gender Studies, and Environmental Science. I have always found tutoring and mentoring really fun and fulfilling. I’ve always taken the opportunity to help other students excel and improve their skills, and love helping students grow. My main hobby is playing instruments and making by music. Music has been a huge part of my life and I always set time aside for my passion. I’m super excited to be on this tutoring platform!

Hello! My name is Kalea Rivera and I am a college freshman at Rutgers University. I have always had a love of teaching and mentoring. Though I do not have too much experience tutoring professionally, I have had many tutoring experiences within a program in my high school.
A little about me… I love music and art. I am currently majoring in psychology at college, but produce music in my free time. I play the guitar, drums, piano, bass, ukulele, and I love to sing. I love going to art museums, watching performances, and performing myself.
Some other interests of mine include learning about dinosaurs, cooking and baking, environmental science, and animals.


Rutgers University - 2026

Psychology Major, Gender Studies Minor, Environmental Science Minor

Academic Accolades

Top ten percent of graduation class 5 on AP psychology exam 5 on AP environmental science exam 4 on AP biology exam award for 4 years of Academic excellence (all As) SAT Score: 1440

Tutoring Experience

Through the National Honors Society at my high school, I gained tutoring experience by mentoring other students in different subjects. We would meet weekly or bi-weekly, and I would assist them with homework or studying for exams. I always enjoyed the sessions and received good feedback. In a more unprofessional setting, I was "hired" by my parents and aunt to tutor my younger siblings and cousins. Though it was not a real job, I spent multiple hours a week meeting with them to go over homework, give them supplementary work, and helping them study. I learned a lot of tutoring younger students by doing this, and my enjoyment of tutoring grew.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

In high school, I was a part of the Green Team (treasurer), Key Club, and GSA (President) which all involved either fundraising or activism events. I helped raised money for various organizations, helped with environmental projects, and led a march at my school in support of LGBTQ youth. Outside of school I also participated in food drives and clothing collection projects. Currently in college, I am a member of an inclusive co-Ed fraternity and our membership executes many fundraisers and philanthropic project throughout the year. We recently had a food pantry events and collected hundreds of non-perishables.


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