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Justin S

Justin S

More About Me

I really enjoy tutoring because I strive to see that moment where a student has that “Aha!” moment, where their understanding or their comprehension clicks because of my efforts. Being an avid STEM fan for a long time (I have loved math since I was a young child), I know how satisfying it is to finally understand something after failing despite all of my efforts, and I would like other students to experience that feeling as often as possible.

I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and explaining the ideas and concepts that allow students to better their understanding of the content taught in the courses they take. I am also looking to obtain experience working as an undergraduate student, in order to build my resume and hopefully tutor in the future as well.

My hobbies include playing video games, talking with friends (as often as I can, many of my college friends live rather far), reading sometimes, and working in LaTeX (a markup language for document writing) occasionally. I enjoy traveling as well, and seeing my relatives. I also like talking about academic stuff, whether it’s about high school and undergraduate coursework, deciding a career path, or discussing life in general, both its positives and negatives.

What to Expect in a Session:


Worcester Polytechnic Institute - 2025

Aerospace Engineering and Physics

Academic Accolades:

SAT Math - Score: 800; SAT Subject Test, Math Level 2 - Score: 800; AP Calculus BC Exam- Score: 5 AP Physics C: Mechanics Exam- Score: 5; AP Computer Science A Exam- Score: 5; AP Calculus BC Award (2021); AP Scholar with Honor Award; High School Weighted GPA: 4.0; Worcester Polytechnic Institute- GPA: 4.0; WPI Putnam Competition Award (2021-2022)-Score: 14; WPI Integration Bee Winner; WPI Dean’s List (2021 Fall Semester).

Tutoring Experience

I have helped friends, classmates, and other students both online and in-person. One experience I have of helping a fellow student was when I taught the concept of extrema and higher-order derivatives in calculus to a friend over voice chat. I was able to share my screen and use an online graphing calculator, Desmos, to help visually show and describe extrema, and to demonstrate how a function’s behavior is modeled by its derivatives. This visual representation supplemented my explanations where I exposed the concepts of the content and the motivation for said material to my friend. As of Summer 2022, I was hired and am ready to tutor for my university's Academic Resources Center for my sophomore year of undergrad (2022-2023).

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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