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June Woo L

June Woo L

More About Me

Hello! My name is June Woo Lim, and I have a true passion for science and teaching. My middle school teacher’s demonstrations in class and book recommendations got me hooked, and I want to do that for you. I love encouraging people to be inquisitive and curious while we learn together. Other than that, I love watching old TV shows and movies, fixing things, cycling, cooking, and singing in a choir. I’m also very invested in the world of politics!

What to Expect in a Session:


Boston University - 2024

Human Physiology

Academic Accolades:

ACT: 35; AP: Chem (5), Bio (5), BC Calc (5), Comp Sci A (5), Physics C (Mech 4, E&M 5), US History (5), English (5); SAT II: Chem (800) Math II (800) Bio (780); High school: cum laude; Scholarships: Rensselaer Award (RIT), Presidential Scholarship (BU); College GPA: 3.7-3.9.

Tutoring Experience

I started teaching elementary school children with numbers and patterns for two months. Then I taught physics high school students for three months. Both were volunteer, in-person positions. Then I spent about five months with Iridium Tutoring as a volunteer math and chemistry tutoring (online).

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Taught science experiments in Boston through BU's WIZARDS program; Volunteer tutoring for about a year; Current Days of Service program manager at BU.


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