Jacob S


Universities Attended

Undergraduate University: University of California, Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2021

Majors/Minors/Specialization: English

Graduate University: Wurzweiler School of Social Work - Yeshiva University

Year of Graduation: 2023

Majors/Minors/Specialization: Masters in Social Work

Academic Accolades:

- Graduated UC Berkeley with 3.81 GPA

Tutoring Experience

My tutoring experience is multi-dimensional and ranges across multiple subjects. Although my greatest expertise is in English and Hebrew language tutoring, I have also tutored private clients in Algebra, Vocals, Judaica, Piano, Musicianship and more. I have worked in various instructional capacities for these subjects over the past five years, specializing in tutoring elementary and middle-school aged clients – in addition, I have occupied teaching positions at multiple Jewish institutions in Berkeley, where I taught 4th-6th grade Judaica and Hebrew and recently completed my undergraduate degree in English at UC Berkeley. I have also worked with multiple adult clients on improving their language skills in both Hebrew and English - while one-on-one sessions in person are the best way to develop the tutoring relationship, I have also found that tutoring virtually over Zoom is nearly as effective, especially with adult clients. In addition, I have gained a wealth of valuable experience in working with youth outside of the classroom - in addition to serving as the Youth Advisor for East Bay USY for 3 years, a wonderful period which I spent orchestrating and supervising over 50 successful events and conventions for children ranging from 5th-12th grade, I also spent Summer 2019 at Camp Ramah in Northern California as the "Rosh Eidah" of 5th-6th grade. As Rosh Eidah - the Hebrew name for a position which roughly translates to "Unit Leader" in English - I was responsible for planning and supervising daily programming for over 50 campers, as well as managing a team of 8 wonderful camp counselors, most of whom had recently graduated high school. My experience supervising 50 kids and 8 young adults through ~3 months of action-packed summer camp has helped me push my teaching skills beyond the classroom - in the wake of that intensive crash-course in "fun-based learning", I am more confident than ever in my ability to motivate any kind of student and provide an engaging and entertaining experience for my tutoring clients.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have extensive experience working in Jewish learning environments, which operate hand-in-hand with charitable endeavors - I have supervised classroom trips to hand out lunches to the poor, I have guided multiple classes of 5th graders through interactive displays about the "Tiny House" movement in Berkeley - I have worked with campers to brainstorm and implement creative charity projects, and so on. In terms of my own personal charitable endeavors - when the pandemic started, I began donating the profits from my online Bar Mitzvah tutoring to Jewish charitable organizations. I have also consistently made myself available to work with students who cannot afford my regular rate, and adjusted my rate or allowed for payment plans to make my services affordable for families in need. While I was paid a small stipend, I consider the majority of the work that I did during the summer of 2019 as a Unit Leader for Camp Ramah to have been a charitable contribution to the Jewish community - I worked 18 hour days each day of that summer, managing a team of 8 teenage counselors and providing programming and round-the-clock supervision for ~50 5th-6th grade children. I would normally have billed $40-50/hour for this type of work - however, I ended up making less than $5/hour for the exhausting yet infinitely rewarding work of that summer - I would have returned the next summer as well had the pandemic not forced camp to shut down. During my five years at UC Berkeley, I was extensively involved in the Chabad on campus - a synagogue organization which is devoted to providing for all the needs of Jewish students on campus. Specifically, I donated my time each week during the Sabbath services and served as service leader as well as Torah reader, skills which require extensive practice and which I was grateful to be able to offer to the community. I also assisted in setting up for and executing various events and holiday dinners, and I even put a little band together with some friends to play music for last year's Chanukah party! During high school, I volunteered extensively with an organization called "The Friendship Circle" which pairs high-schoolers up with special needs children and engages them in various fun activities together - I believe that it the volunteering I did during those years with the Friendship Circle laid the foundation for my future interest in teaching, and specifically in working with special needs children.


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