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Grace F

Grace F

About Me

Hello! My name is Grace, and I am a physics student passionate about helping others to not only understand math and physics, but to love it like I do. When I’m not in class or tutoring, I enjoy spending my time at the library reading books in Spanish and caring for my pet betta fish, Blueberry.


Rutgers University - Honors College - 2023

Major Professional Physics, Minors Math, & Spanish

Academic Accolades

President of Rutgers University Society of Physics Students; Mentor in the Society of Physics Students; Two-time recipient of Noemie Koller Endowed Scholarship for Women in Physics; SAT score- 1580; GPA - 3.921; Volunteer tutor at UPChieve certified in 11 subjects; Member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Tutoring Experience

Private Tutor - I have privately tutored a few high school students over the course of my high school/college career (online and in-person) in subjects such as precalculus, honors chemistry, Spanish, and introductory HS physics; UPChieve - Volunteer on-demand virtual tutor in a variety of subjects, mainly in middle/high school level math and college prep; Achieve - Volunteer in-person tutor at my local high school where I tutored any science/math subject which fellow high school students required help in.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Volunteer tutor on UPChieve for underprivileged students.


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