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Fatima K

Fatima K

About Me

Ever since I was young, I would love to be active. Whether it was pursuing my fine arts interests or volunteering at a local organization. From the 6th grade all the way until my 12th grade, I have attended a Fine Arts Magnet School. Because of my experience, I was able to adapt to different situations especially those harder courses and demanding schedules. I had to manage high grades while also managing my many dancing, acting, singing, and poetry performances, whilst pursuing multiple volunteering endeavors. In addition to my academic experiences, I’ve also loved working with children. Since I was young, I would always love to help out my Aunt’s daycare. Since I am the oldest child, this working with children is something that I naturally excelled in. This is why I would like to help others. I want to gather all the information that I’ve learned and help others.


University of Georgia - 2024


Academic Accolades

Acceptance to The University of Michigan, Beta Club (Honors Society), Science Club, National Dance Honor Society, Leadership in the Arts: Dance, Fine Arts Seal: Dance, Chorus, and Acting, Honor Roll/Honors Graduate, Guided Pathway Ron Brown Scholar, Red Cross Award, VA Veterans Hospital Volunteer Program Award, Volunteer Seal Award (over 500+ hours), National Rho-Kappa History Honor Society, National Spanish Language (FLAIR), National Honor Society, National Dance Honors Society, NSHSS Ambassador, National English Honors Society, National Honors Thespian, National Society of High School Scholars, ThesCon: Actress/Show Winner.

Tutoring Experience

I've had experience teaching kids in a fine arts aspect. From 6th grade to 12th grade I've attended a fine arts magnet school where occasionally we were allowed to teach other students. In addition to that, I worked with the Red Cross, in which we would often go to local schools and held events where we helped the teachers in the classrooms and helped with tutoring, etc. I've also volunteered with the Augusta Museum Teen council where we held events (mainly for children and organized an array of things for them to do.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

VA Veteran Affairs Hospital, Red Cross Youth Council, Museum Teen Council, Paceline Volunteer, AU Lead Volunteer, Golden Harvest, Bridge Ministry, ISA Society of Augusta, School Related (Fine Arts Events/Performances), Davidson Performace Volunteer.


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