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Ezer B

Ezer B

About Me

I love tutoring because it allows both the tutor and tutee to enter a 100% judgment free zone and learn together. Students get to explore, ask questions that they didn’t get to ask in the classroom, and find joy in learning while I get to help shape the next generation. Tutoring is a two-way street that empowers both parties to be the best they can be.


Temple University - 2020

Adult & Organizational Development

University of Pennsylvania - 2022

Education Entrepreneurship

Academic Accolades

-M.S.Ed in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania -Founder of TEMPo academy, a first-of-its-kind gateway school for soccer players in St. Kitts and Nevis -B.A in Adult & Organizational Development from Temple University -Dean's List (2019-2020) President's & Director's Honor Roll (2018-2020) -Certificate in Music Technology form Boyer School of Music and Dance

Tutoring Experience

Online/In-person Tutor at Creative Academics Mentor for Rutgers Prep's Express Mentorship Program

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I travel a lot so I try to be involved in my local communities as much as possible. Most recently I volunteered at the Therapy Place in Columbia South Carolina, helping friends with disabilities learn the beautiful game of soccer.


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