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Ezer B

Ezer B

About Me

I never really felt like I fit into one specific category. Growing up I was an athlete who loved art and writing music, and to be honest, good grades were not my top priority. But, as I continued my academic career I began to understand the importance of studying and having guidance in the academic process. It was not necessarily to be the ‘smartest in the room,’ but rather the best possible version of myself. With this realization, I picked up better study habits in my third year of college and set out to be a complete person. I sat down with tutors for three times a week, had every single one of my papers peer-reviewed before submission, and became good friends with my academic advisor who essentially changed my life. I want to have a similar impact in my students’ lives and help them discover their best selves as early as possible. Looking forward to beginning our journey!

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Temple University - 2020

Adult & Organizational Development

University of Pennsylvania - 2022

Education Entrepreneurship

Academic Accolades

Undergrad: GPA 3.69; Boyer College - Music Technology Certificate Recipient; Varsity Men's Soccer Team Player / Senior Leader; College of; Education Dean's List, AD and Presidential Honor Roll; Tutor/Academic Coach for Creative Academics; Graduate: GPA 3.74; Created Financial and Business Plan for TEMPo Academy, a soccer-specific school for to help athletes in St. Kitts and Nevis grow professionally and earn opportunities to excel abroad; Community and Culture Leader – Responsible for organizing and leading cohort activities like Yoga and Karaoke nights.

Tutoring Experience

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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