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Dhiya R

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University of California, San Diego - 2021

Physiology and neuroscience major/ global health minor

Academic Accolades:

High school GPA 4.0 Current University GPA 3.6 Received Provost Honors multiple quarters at UC San Diego Sexual Health Lead of Student Health Advocates at UC San Diego - work closely with Health Promotion services at UC San Diego to educate peers and create health awareness Research assistant at Traver Lab at UC San Diego under Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine Captain of UCSD Pushpanjali - UCSan Diego's premiere Indian Classical dance team.

Tutoring Experience

I was an Instructional Assistant for BILD 2: Multicellular life course at UC San Diego. I assisted professors Melinda Owens and Stacey Glasgow. Through this experience I developed my teaching style along the lines of the principles of active learning. As part of this role, I held weekly discussion sections and office hours and further facilitated review sessions around exam season. I honestly really loved this experience and felt very positive every time I held section or had to help a student out. Furthermore, I got feedback from students after every session that I used to better my teaching style to best suit my students. I have been described as "knowledgable and patient even while dealing with students who were upset with the grading". I was also a peer facilitator and had to teach multiple workshops at UC San Diego as part of a program called TritonFYI. I had to educate incoming freshmen and transfer students about alcohol and drug usage risks.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I am currently a peer health educator at UC San Diego as part of a group called Student Health Advocates. In addition to educating our peers about topics such as alcohol and other drugs, general health, and sexual health, we try to give back to the UC San Diego community. Endeavors I have been a part of include volunteering at the flu clinic every flu season, part of weekly condom bars where we give out free condoms to students and facilitating free sexual health info sessions so that folks can walk in and gain any information they'd need before meeting with their health care provider. Despite being born in America, I actually did my schooling in India. When I used to live in India, I was part of a volunteer organization called AID INDIA. During the Chennai floods, we collected donated clothes, packed them and helped the folks that distributed the packed clothes to people who lost their homes to these devastating floods. Furthermore, at home we cooked meals in bulk which my father went and donated to individuals who did not have access to food during these trying times.

2 reviews for Dhiya R

  1. Monica krishnan

    We are so happy to have found Dhiya with MPP. Dhiya has been such a great help with my daughter’s AP Bio class. Dhiya is very dedicated to the job and prepares a lesson plan way in advance. She communicated directly with me and my daughter on what the current lesson plans were and helped prepare my daughter for her exams!
    Zoom School has been very challenging, but having Dhiya has brought a bit of ease in reviewing AP Biology.

  2. swati singh (verified owner)

    Great teacher.

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