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David N

David N

About Me

Hey! I graduated with honors from UC Berkeley last semester and I have the background to greatly improve your academic results. Tutoring is by far the most enjoyable and rewarding job I’ve ever had as there are few tasks more important than helping students learn. I have experience tutoring a wide variety of subjects although I especially love teaching writing, test prep, and the humanities. When I’m not tutoring I try to hike as much of California as I can (especially on the coasts) and I’m a huge film nerd. Looking forward to meeting you!


UC Berkeley - 2022


Academic Accolades

Graduated with honors, 3.9 gpa, film critic for The Daily Cal, human rights writer for The Rights Stuff, 35 ACT

Tutoring Experience

I've tutored over 200 students for TutorMe these last couple of years in ages ranging from kindergarten through University and have maintained over a 4.5-star rating. Thus, I’ve gained an extremely versatile skill set that will enable me to meet the challenges of whomever I’m lucky enough to assist. Regularly scheduled lessons with students whom I developed delightful relationships with have been an important part of my job. However, the majority of my students have been randomly assigned to me to assist them with homework over the course of an hour-long session. As a result, I have grown skilled at quickly creating a rapport with hundreds of different types of students. Furthermore, because TutorMe is an online tutoring platform, I developed a mastery of conveying subtle ideas virtually while maintaining patience, an authoritative presence, and a sense of humor.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

In addition to volunteering for political campaigns, I've been able to volunteer at the Alameda food pantry over my time at University.


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