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David H

David H

More About Me

Hi! I am primarily a tutor in History/Economics, but I would love to work with students of all ages. One of the most satisfying things as a student has always been when the lightbulb comes on. Moments like these are the reason I find joy in teaching. I believe students need to find satisfaction in learning in order to understand. My goal is to help students cultivate habits of learning that lead to long-term academic success.

What to Expect in a Session: 



UC San Diego - 2021

History. Minor in Management Science

Academic Accolades:

4.17 GPA at high school, 3.191 at UCSD; AP scores: 5 in World History, 4 in Microeconomics, 4 in Statistics, 4 in Calculus AB.

Tutoring Experience

I've privately tutored students in elementary school in the subjects of math, social studies, and ELA. I also lead discussions in youth groups for my church.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I helped seasonally with summer/winter events for my church when I was at UCSD. Since graduation and moving back to Elk Grove, I serve as a youth counselor at my local church. I help lead regular small group discussions on Friday nights.


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