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Brianna T

Brianna T

About Me

Hello! Tutoring and teaching found me long before I found it. My mother has been an educator for over 20 years, so as a child, I
was immersed in learning and teaching. I was grading spelling exams before I finished elementary school. I have always been a
student that strives for greatness, often putting higher standards on myself than the loving adults in my life. In the fourth grade, I
decided I would be my high school valedictorian; years later, I was. The dedication this took helped me hone my study and
comprehension skills. In college, I was able to fully explore cellular biology and learn all about the immune system. I love
everything science, especially illnesses and how our body fights them. Now I live in Madison, WI, with my partner and cat, Ruby!


University of California, Berkeley - 2022

Molecular and Cell Biology: Infectious Disease

Academic Accolades

UC Berkeley Graduate GPA 3.25, Winner of over $14,000 in scholarships, Distinguished AP Scholar, High School Valedictorian, CSF Scholar, HOSA President, Porterville Academy of Health Sciences Completer, Seal of Biliteracy Holder

Tutoring Experience

I held my first tutoring position in middle school, where I volunteered with our partnered elementary school to support small student groups' needs. Most recently, I participated in an undergraduate course geared specifically for teaching grades K-6 STEM subjects. During this experience, I volunteered in a local Berkeley classroom. I was able to plan and execute lesson plans as well as assessments. Outside of my in-person teaching experience, we spent 3 hours each week discussing how to address state standards, how to analyze assessment data to inform reteach lessons if necessary and discussing how to identify and best serve specific learning styles. In addition to the formal experience, I have served as my family and friend's on-call tutor for several years and have enjoyed every second of it.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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