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Ashley G

Ashley G

More About Me

I am a journalism and electrical engineering major with a minor in Spanish at the University of Georgia. My journalism degree has helped me identify issues, my engineering degree has allowed me to solve these issues, and my Spanish degree has allowed me to do so across different cultures. With these skills I plan to continue my education at UGA through the Biomedical Engineering PhD program so that I can continue research for a device I created to detect seizures before their occurrence.

What to Expect in a Session:



University of Georgia - 2022

Journalism/Electrical Engineering/Spanish

University of Georgia - 2026

PhD Biomedical Engineering

Academic Accolades:

1st place at Gwinnett Regional Science/Engineering Fair (March 2018), 3rd place at Gwinnett Regional Science/Engineering Fair (March 2017), 1/3 top projects in senior division (March 2018), 1st place at Georgia State Science/Engineering Fair - Best in Division (April 2018), Recognition at Gwinnett County Board of Education (April 2018), Georgia Engineering Foundation Award of Excellence for Impact on Better Living (April 2018), Chair's Award of Excellence School of Electrical & Computer Engineering (May 2020), McGill Grady Fellow (September 2021), Presidential Scholar (December 2021), College of Engineering Undergraduate Award for Academic Excellence (April 2022), & CURO Research Award (July 2022).

Tutoring Experience

English (+other subjects) tutor; In-person tutor: tutored Spanish 5th grade students in Cádiz, Spain in English and helped with their homework; Activa Tu Speaking: Co-founder at the University of Georgia, taught high school students in Mexico how to speak English and about the research process.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Experience UGA Student Ambassador; UGA College Scoops Lead Ambassador; Food2Kids Liaison/Volunteer; Resonate Volunteer Writer; OKB Hope Foundation; Volunteer Graphic Designer; Athens Area Humane Society Volunteer; Relay for Life Membership Development Team; Society of Entrepreneurs; Pajama Llamas Co-Founder; Los Niños Tutor (Study Abroad); UGA Idea Accelerator Program; Arch Conservative Contributor; Ramsey Student Center Fitness Monitor; IBE Member; Activa Tu Speaking President and Co-Founder.


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