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Aryeh K

Aryeh K

About Me

I enjoy helping people, that is my main motivation for tutoring. Growing up I have always hated seeing people struggle, so I always try to offer help whenever I see people struggle. In my free time I read books, and watch and play sports. My favorite sports teams are the San Diego Padres (Baseball) and the Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball). I like those teams because I was born in San Diego, and still consider myself apart of the city even though I left when I was 5.


University of Vermont - 2023

Physics and History

Academic Accolades

750 Math SAT 5 Calculus BC A in Calculus 3 A in Differential Equations A in Linear Algebra

Tutoring Experience

In high school I tutored part time as a member of the National Honor Society, but I also tutored my friends, often helping them with calculus. During my junior year I was a teaching assistant for general physics 2, one of the basic physics courses. In this role I helped students with their class work and taught some of the material.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

President of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, in this role I helped raise over 500$ towards Rallython (Miracle Dance Network Hospitals). I also volunteer at the University of Vermont Hillel, helping plan their saturday morning brunches. In high school I was a member of the National Honor Society, and that's where I first tutored!


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