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Angeni L

Angeni L

About Me

Hi! My name is Angeni (they/them pronouns). I’m a first-year Molecular Environmental Biology major at UC Berkeley. Other than classes and spending time with friends, some of my hobbies include any kind of outdoor physical activity, especially soccer and running, reading, writing poetry, and playing the flute! I think it’s exciting to be able to learn new things about the world around us, and we get chances to do that everyday. I believe in the importance of the learning process itself and use my skills as a tutor to make it as engaging and clear as possible. I love to help students chase their curiosity and discover that love of learning as a tutor. I adapt to each student’s unique style of learning to make the tutoring session a productive and enriching experience. I hope you will consider me as your tutor!


University of California, Berkeley - 2026

Molecular Environmental Biology, B.S - planned minors in English & Spanish

Academic Accolades

Underclassman Academic Awards for Excellence in English 1 and AP Art History, 11th grade Academic Award For Excellence In Spanish 4 Honors, 12th grade Departmental Best Student Award for Spanish, California Scholarship Federation Lifetime Membership, winning the Merlone Scholarship awarded to only 5 stellar students dedicated to community service. ACT composite 35, writing 10. AP Art History Score: 4, AP Biology Score: 5, AP Calculus AB Score: 5, AP English Language and Composition Score: 5, AP Calculus BC Score: 5, AP Spanish Language and Culture Score: 5, AP Chemistry Score: 5

Tutoring Experience

I tutored about once or twice a week, with age levels ranging from 4th grade to a Sophomore in high school. In these 30-minute lesson plans, I tried to help students develop their passion and skills in creative writing. This included coming up with fun prompts and guiding them through a brief version of the creative writing process, including brainstorming, plot and character development, and getting words down on the page. We ranged from writing science fiction stories to personal narratives to some poetry.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

"My longest volunteer position was as an Outstanding Wildlife Leader (OWL) at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience. I volunteered there for 4 years, reaching Senior OWL. During our weekly shifts we would do animal husbandry and educate the public on conservation through presentations with our animal ambassadors and natural history carts. We'd also help the museum with other events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, and scout tours. During summer sleep-away Sea Turtle Camp in Topsail, North Carolina, we volunteered at the Karen Beasly sea turtle sanctuary cleaning and feeding the turtles. I also helped to co-found the Friendly Flash Fiction organization, tutoring students in 30-minute zoom lessons on creative writing during COVID to raise donations for UCSF. I helped run the logistics as well as recruit tutors and clients, and tutored some students myself. I am also a member of the TurnOut Youth Program. TurnOut is a non-profit dedicating to connect people to LGBTQ+ volunteering. We had educational talks, guest speakers, and participated in volunteering events such as writing cards for incarcerated LGBTQ+ folks. I have always been deeply involved in the communities I find myself in, and also helped run many clubs at my school that contributed a sense of community. "


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