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Andrew H

Andrew H

About Me

Hi! I’m Andrew Hensley. I’m currently a Master’s student at Clark University studying International Development. Some things I love to do are hiking, reading, traveling, and trying new things! I have around 1.5 years of experience teaching, and I absolutely love having the opportunity to grow and learn alongside my students.

Hello! I am thrilled to provide my tutoring services as someone relatively new in the education field. I have co-taught, taught, and tutored for over a year now. While I am currently a graduate student, my love for teaching and empowering students has only grown. I love learning and teaching social sciences: geography, history (US, World, European, etc..), and creative writing/literature courses. I have a passion for implementing storytelling in my teaching methods – learning is driven by the student with guidance from the teacher. Your interests, stories, and personal lives are important tools for building new knowledge and, most importantly, it makes learning more fun!


Colorado State Univeristy - 2021

International Studies | Specialization: European | Minors: Political Science & Italian

Clark University - 2023

International Development

Academic Accolades

IB Diploma Graduate, Graduate Assistant, BA in International Studies

Tutoring Experience

My primary teaching experience is with highschool students in their freshmen and sophomore years. I have around 1.5 years of experience in the classroom as both a co-teacher, paraprofessional, and tutor. During my time as a student success coach at City Year, I assisted students in geography classrooms and student leadership. I also supported students in our after-school tutoring program in a variety of subjects.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

Experience working at a nonprofit, volunteering at soup kitchens, child advocacy centers, and canvassed for Jared Polis' governor election


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