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Alyssa E

Alyssa E

About Me

I enjoy reading and writing, so helping students become better writers is my goal! I believe it is important, no matter the path we take in life that we are able to communicate effectively and eloquently through writing. In my spare time I love to be outside, running, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and more! Please reach out, I’d love to work together!


University of Montana - 2022

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration; Major: Management and Entrepreneurship; Certificate: Sustainable Business Strategy

Academic Accolades

1) Graduated Suma Cum Laude (Bachelors), 2) Completed my Associates degree in place of my junior/senior year of high school, 3) competed at International DECA competition

Tutoring Experience

Tutoring (in person and remote) friends and family members. My experience includes reading and giving feedback on essays (mostly for English, but I have done so for other subjects as well including History). The student I tutor most often has vastly improved her writing skills and is getting much higher grades in English than she was prior to asking for my help. I recently helped her fine-tune her college application essays as well.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have volunteered in the past at the YMCA and an assisted living home. This year I plan to do volunteer field work for a local land trust.


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