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Alex Lim

Alex Lim

About Me

I love tutoring because, as a tutor, I get to meet all sorts of different people with many different methods of learning- it’s interesting to watch people’s train of thought when going through modes of analysis that are fundamentally different than my own. Besides that, it can be fun! My hobbies include writing poetry, writing music, writing stories, making videos, and podcasting.

I’m a talented and gifted learner- and as such, I know how important it is for people to learn in their own way. People have different ways of absorbing information- it just so happens that I’m experienced in all of them. I like creating media- poetry, music, video games, stories, podcasts, and videos. I like making these things because they help me convey myself in a way I couldn’t do directly- and I hope to use this talent for creative communication to help students understand their educational potential, just as my teachers did for me as a kid.


University of California Merced - 2026

Computer Science & Engineering

Academic Accolades

AP Scholar Distinction, UC Merced Dean's List, Dublin High School Advanced Scholar's Diploma, 4.2 Cumulative GPA in High School. SAT Score: 1510. AP Scores: AP Calculus AB, 5; AP Calculus BC, 5; AP Chemistry, 5; AP European History, 4; AP Language & Composition, 5; AP US History, 4; AP Music Theory, 5

Tutoring Experience

I've had many hours of tutoring experience over the years- I've been a tutor in a formal capacity ever since 8th grade, where I helped struggling students with remedial coursework one-on-one. I've tutored for my middle school, my high school, two clubs, and a library, not to mention experience with unofficially tutoring my peers. I've tutored both children and young adults, individually and in groups, in every core subject (and a couple of electives). I've even tutored over the pandemic, via Zoom- that was during my high school years, where I was given the opportunity to tutor a few young students from underfunded school districts. As for my skills, I am a patient teacher and an effective communicator. I know that most students need tutoring because they don't fundamentally understand a concept- and often times, by rewording or presenting information in a certain way, the students can come to visualize and internalize the information. This is my most valuable skill as a teacher.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I've had 100+ hours of experience tutoring students in all sorts of different environments for both academic and extracurricular volunteer work. I've also volunteered several times at my local church, helping out with the Giving Tree event and packaging medical supplies each year for hospitals.


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