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Alayna N

Alayna N

More About Me

What makes tutoring so amazing is that I have the privilege to participate in a student’s pursuit to get better at and do better in a subject, in school, and in life! My name is Alayna, and my passion is in language. I love to learn about languages, how to speak (or sign!) them, and about the people who use them. Other activities I enjoy are making recipes using sourdough, learning new things through reading, videos, or trial and error, visiting new places, and trying new food, foraging, and exploring outside.

What to Expect in a Session With Me:

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I Accept


University of California, Davis - 2022

Linguistics & French

Academic Accolades:

Honorable Mention award at Crocker Art Museum Self Portrait Show, SAT: 1230, AP Psych: 4, APLAC: 4, 3.6 GPA, CIEE Global; Navigator Scholarship, Bernard Osher Foundation Scholarship, Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 150-Hour; & Certification, Owner of UC Davis Catholic Discord Server, CRLA Tutor Certification Level I.

Tutoring Experience

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience


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