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Addy S

Addy S

About Me

I’m Addy! I like math and physics and like showing people that they can be easier than they look. In my spare time I like drawing and walking my dog. If you meet with me, feel free to talk to me about video games!


Michigan State University - 2024

Physics & Math

Academic Accolades

SAT 1520 & deans list.

Tutoring Experience

I have ULA experience teaching physics labs (this means I had pre-made teaching material, but I taught and graded my section alone) and I like working with children through Science Theater (just shows science to kids in fun ways). I used to tutor fellow students in high school for fun.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I volunteer at a food bank with my sister because I enjoy giving back and don't mind menial work. I am also involved in student activism organizations on campus.


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