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Simran S

Simran S

About Me

Hello! My name is Simran, a recent college graduate with a BS in Health Science. I have a strong passion for helping and educating the future generation on understanding the importance of health.

As a former student, I had my fair share of struggling to learn, so I understand the feeling of not being able to understand something and feeling stuck. However, with the right mindset and help, you are still capable of achieving success!Through my experience, I’ve had excellent professors and tutors who listened to my concerns and re-taught information to help me understand and support my growth. Today, these are the main qualities I hold and utilize when I tutor to help my students succeed in their academic goals.

My expertise lies in teaching beginners concepts in Introduction to Biology, Anatomy, Public Health, Epidemiology, and Health Policy to help master the skills and foundation.

Fun Facts: I enjoy traveling outdoors, playing with my guinea pig, doing DIY projects, and binge-watching Disney movies!


California State University, East Bay - 2022

Bachelors of Science, Health Science

Academic Accolades

Graduated with Summa Cum Laude - 3.98 GPA; Member of Tau Sigma National Honors Society; Student Member of American Public Health Association; California State University, East Bay Leadership Certification; Obtained three AA Degrees: AA in Biology: Allied Health, AA in Mathematics and Science, & AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Tutoring Experience

In 2019, I was an in-person Anatomy tutor at Las Positas College. Before my role as a tutor, I was a teaching assistant in High School. I gained experience helping my professor and guiding students through assignments/directions during classwork and lab activities. My previous exposure to being in teacher assistant in a classroom setting helped me become aware of the environmental setting students learn in and how every student learns differently and not at the same pace. Hence, when I became a tutor, I was able to apply empathy and patience in my tutoring sessions with my students, which created a safe space to learn and ask questions. This experience enables me to become open-minded and listen to my students to better advocate for their academic performance.

Philanthropy / Volunteering Experience

I have completed over 100 hours of community service during my time in college. I spent all my community service hours giving back and assisting an elderly home in my community. During my experience, I was a Volunteer Activity Coordinator, where I supervised new volunteers, planned weekly activities for the elderly (arts & crafts), effectively communicated with staff members about elderly assistance, and oversaw the well-being of patients.


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