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Students are Struggling in School

“Students on average could lose five to nine months of learning by the end of June 2021.”

COVID-19 & learning loss: disparities grow & students need help. McKinsey & Company Report, 12-20.

“Learning gains from the 2019–20 school year in reading will be only 63% to 68% of what is typical.”

The US needs a national tutoring program. Fortune Magazine, 1-21.

“Math likely looks even worse, with gains only 37% to 50% of what is seen in a normal school year.”

Covid & students: The US needs a national tutoring program. Fortune Magazine, 1-21.

1-on-1 Tutoring is the Solution

“Tutoring [is] one of the most agreed-upon and impactful tools available to educators for improving student learning.”

The Transformative Potential of Tutoring for PreK-12 Learning Outcomes: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations, Poverty Action Lab, 2020.

“Far and away, the most effective tool we have to begin fixing [learning loss due to COVID-19] is tutoring.”

Robert Slavin, Center for Research & Reform in Education Dir. at Johns Hopkins.

More Tutoring = Better Results

“The more hours of tutoring a student received, the more academic improvement a student posted. The benefits of tutoring didn’t taper off or diminish.”
Takeaways from research on tutoring to address coronavirus learning loss, Hechinger Report 5-2020.

“For all grade levels, increasing tutoring frequency to three sessions per week benefits student learning.”

The Transformative Potential of Tutoring for PreK-12 Learning Outcomes: Lessons from Randomized Evaluations, Poverty Action Lab, 2020.

My Private Professor offers a national network of tutors who work with organizations & their members & clients to help students thrive academically with 1-on-1 online tutoring in K-12 subjects.

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Our customizable packages start at only 25 hours per month with free & discounted tutoring options.

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My Private Professor has been the most helpful tool during distance learning. The customer service at your company is remarkable!

Adrian M

This tutoring has been the best gift I could receive. My daughter was struggling in math that we both were getting frustrated. As a single mom is not easy for me to work and take care of all my responsibilities, so to have access to this benefit is the greatest thing for us. I can tell you that my daughter is in Honor Roll and is doing much much better in math.

Noelia D
Many thanks to My Private Professor for the excellent tutoring and college app and essay help.
Mike Y.

Totally rocking all the questions in class. Thanks, My Private Professor!

Joshua B.

Thanks a million to My Private Professor because seriously without you I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the 96th percentile, and just a few sessions helped me to become a better logical thinker and writer.

Nina W.

The experience with My Private Professor has been a total pleasure from a parent’s perspective. The tutor’s patience, command of the subject matter, and overall demeanor made the sessions a total success!

Patricia R.

My tutor targeted my areas of weakness and was patient and thorough in explaining how to address the problems. Thanks to My Private Professor’s help, I saw an 11 point improvement on the actual exam!

Jamie H.

After working with My Private Professor for a little over a month, my confidence level soared and I found myself making a 10-point jump. I would recommend My Private Professor because they can definitely help you overcome your test anxiety and much, much more!

Garisma P.

My tutor was familiar with the material, prepared to answer any questions I had, and remained patient through difficult and tedious problems. I 100% recommend My Private Professor.

Jocelyn S.

My Private Professor made it clear that if I did not like my tutor’s style of tutoring, they would help me find another tutor. However, that was not needed because my tutor was amazing.

Dino T.

My tutor far surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for a genuine and knowledgeable tutor, then I recommend My Private Professor for you.

Omid K.

By the end of our sessions, my tutor had turned my greatest weakness into my greatest strength!  I will be forever grateful to My Private Professor and their dedication to my success.

Megan M.