So you’re finally ready to work with an online tutor! Unlike in-person tutoring, with online tutoring, you may never actually meet the tutor face-to-face. And as we know, humans communicate largely through nonverbal communication (nonverbal cues). 

This may make choosing an online tutor more difficult than an in-person tutor. Luckily, there are steps you can take to carefully find a tutor who’s right for you. 

 Since you want to work with a tutor that fits your academic needs and learning style, it’s important to take your tutor-vetting process seriously. 

Understand your priorities in a tutor

If you don’t know where to start when picking an online tutor, thinking about what you need and want is a great first step.

For instance, do you prefer someone much older than you, or closer in age to you? Do you tend to connect better with introverts or extroverts? Are you looking for someone who has a wide range of expertise, or a tutor who specializes in one or a few specific areas? 

Stay organized by creating a list of characteristics you’re looking for in your tutor. Then, as you look into more and more tutors, you can see which tutors check off your boxes. 

Make a tutor budget

Having a budget in mind (whether it’s one specific number or a range) is super helpful, since you’ll be able to use it to narrow down options. Then, when you’re considering online tutors, be sure to see if they indicate their fees on their website. If they don’t, don’t hesitate to contact them and ask—especially if transparency is important to you.

Research online tutor options

Doing ample research when finding an online tutor is crucial, since you might not be able to meet your tutor in-person before getting started. So look for anything you can: reviews, videos, testimonials, etc.Online tutor

Ask your friends if they’ve had an online tutor before–after all, making any decision can be easier when a friend gives their stamp of approval. You can also look to your teachers and see if they have any connections or recommendations in the online tutor sphere.

Don’t commit immediately: play the field

It’s a marathon–not a sprint. You can think of picking your online tutor like dating–you don’t want to commit too early, since you want to gather as much information as possible about potential matches. So instead of getting started with the first tutor that you meet, take your time. 

Ask questions to prospective online tutors

The best way to learn about your online tutor is to communicate with them directly. If possible, reach out to tutors and see if they can answer your questions. 

Whether it be via Zoom, email, or phone call, receptivity is important. If a tutor is receptive to your needs before you even commit, this is a good sign. Plus, by actually connecting with them, you’ll be able to get to know them more—and make a much more knowledgeable decision.

Whatever questions you have, your best bet is to ask them sooner rather than later. This way, you can spot potential red flags. 

My Private Professor is proud to work with tutors from top-notch schools across the country with a wide range of expertise. More importantly, all of our amazing tutors have online profiles. These include details on subjects they teach, tutoring experience, academic awards and background, and general information about the tutor. 

Our team values transparency, which is why we’re happy to provide  clients with all of our tutor information. So when you’re trying to pick your online tutor, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips. 

Plus, we offer the MPP Guarantee—love your first session, or it’s free!

Author: Lydia Schapiro