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Letter to the editor: Sites are needed for disposal of contaminated dredge spoils from the local harbor. However, the approach you propose would damage commercial fishing operations. One indication of this is that over 20,000 people have signed petitions opposing your approach and favoring instead the use of sand-capped pits in another area.

Which of the following most accurately describes a reasoning flaw in the letter’s argument?

(A) The argument distorts the editor’s view in a manner that makes that view seem more vulnerable to criticism.

(B) The argument fails to establish that the alternative approach referred to is a viable one.

(C) The argument attempts to establish a particular conclusion because doing so is in the letter writer’s self-interest rather than because of any genuine concern for the truth of the matter.

(D) The argument’s conclusion is based on the testimony of people who have not been shown to have appropriate expertise.

(E) The argument takes for granted that no third option is available that will satisfy all the interested parties.

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Congratulations to the wise ones who correctly answered our last GRE problem:

(A) scream : anger
(B) smile : pleasure
(C) laugh : outrage
(D) love : sentimentality
(E) whine : indecision

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