How to Book A Tutor

Our goal is to make the tutor booking process as streamlined & as straightforward as possible. Once you select a tutor, you can book a session directly with them based on their posted schedule of availability.

Once you request a session, you will receive confirmation that the session is booked. We will reach out to you with your session details to ensure that you are all set for tutoring. Parents, it’s now time to sit back & break in that recliner while your student gets personalized academic help with the tutor that they handpicked from our esteemed team.

With the wider range of online tutor options, students can select expert tutors from across the country with no geographical barriers. This way, students get access to the best of the best, regardless of location.

Second, many students find that online tutoring more conveniently fits into their busy schedules. We’ve worked with athletes in the evenings & nights to accommodate their practices & tutored students on early weekend mornings before extracurricular activities began.

Finally, many parents are more comfortable with online tutoring instead of having a tutor come into their home. Our tutors typically use Zoom or Skype for online sessions, which are safe & easy to use for students of all ages & offer document sharing, interactive whiteboards, & face-to-face video conferencing. We are happy to help students become familiar with our online platform so that they can make the most of their sessions.

Unlike many other tutoring companies, every tutor on our team has been hand-picked from top universities & programs across the country to ensure that only the highest caliber of tutors are on our team. As we continue to actively search, vet, & add top tutors who will best help our clients’ needs, our focus is on quality, not quantity.

We want parents & students to have as much information at their fingertips as possible when determining which tutor is the best fit. We do not believe in requiring our clients to prepay for sessions before they get the chance to acquire details about tutors.

At the moment, we do not offer opportunities for you to meet your tutor prior to booking them. However, we always have recommendations for clients looking for a specific subject and grade level. We also have an MPP guarantee: love your first session or it’s free.

The great thing about our platform is that we give you access to all the information regarding our tutors’ experiences and backgrounds as well as videos that showcases more of each tutor’s personality, values, & interests. Our platform allows students and families the autonomy to select a tutor based on their individual needs.

I’ve Booked My Tutor, What Now?

Once your session has been confirmed, the tutor will reach out to you directly via email or phone to introduce themselves, share the Zoom link for the session, & ask for additional information or materials to help them prepare for the upcoming session.

All you need is access to a device that has Zoom! We recommend using a computer to attend your tutoring sessions so that you can utilize all Zoom features such as the whiteboard. However, any device that has sufficient interest access & Zoom is more than enough.

Please contact us via email at or text us at (909) 529-1412 with your order & booking number.

Please contact us via email at or text us at (909) 529-1412 with your order & booking number.

Cancellation Policy

Please communicate with your tutor regarding any rescheduling.

If you must cancel a booked session with your student’s tutor, you must inform the tutor of this cancellation at least 24 hours before the start time of the session in order to qualify for a full refund.

If you inform the tutor of this cancellation between 12 to 23 hours before the start time of the session, you will qualify for a 50% refund. You are entitled to only 50% of the session’s cost due to the later cancellation notice, and because the tutor committed time to prepare for the booked session.

If you inform the tutor with a cancellation notice within 12 hours of the booked session, fail to show up for your booked session, start a session late, or leave a session early, said session will count as a completed tutoring session. A completed tutoring session does not qualify for any kind of refund and will be invoiced accordingly.