My Private Professor – Code of Conduct

We are delighted to have you on our platform of tutors at My Private Professor!

To help MPP provide exceptional tutoring to our students & excellent customer service, we have developed a code of conduct for all tutors on our platform.

We expect each tutor to adhere to the following rules in this Code of Conduct as well as the Terms & Conditions to which you agreed in order to maintain your profile in good standing. 

Failure to abide by any rule set forth in the Code of Conduct &/or Terms & Conditions will be grounds for hiding the tutor’s profile from search results &/or removal of the tutor’s profile from the platform.

Please note that MPP is a tutoring platform of select independent contractors &, while we aim to provide opportunities for tutors to be featured in our social media & to take on additional paid & volunteer opportunities, there is no guarantee of any minimum number of hours of tutoring or clients or additional opportunities on this platform. Thank you.

  • Tutors shall maintain an up-to-date calendar of availability.

It is the tutor’s responsibility to maintain an updated calendar of availability on their profile on the MPP platform in a manner to ensure that every day & time designated as available for tutoring is in fact when the tutor is available for tutoring. 

Tutors are welcome to modify their hours of availability, & add or remove their availability, on their profile as often as needed for any time slots that have not yet been booked in the future.

If a tutor is uncertain about their availability at a future time or date, the tutor shall not designate such windows as available until the tutor can guarantee that they will be available at such time.  

If the tutor is no longer available to tutor at any time, the tutor shall promptly notify MPP Admin at so that MPP Admin can place the tutor’s profile on pause or remove the profile until a time when the tutor becomes available for tutoring again.  

  • Tutors shall promptly confirm bookings.

When a client books a session with a tutor, it is important that the tutor (1) confirms the booking on the MPP platform & (2) confirms the booking via email to the client as soon as possible & no later than 12 hours after the time of booking.  

Since tutors are responsible for setting their availability, it is expected that all sessions booked will be promptly confirmed. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a booked session, please contact MPP Admin immediately at so we can help reschedule or cancel the booking.

  • Tutors shall adhere to MPP’s Cancellation Policy. 

If the tutor needs to cancel a session for any reason, they are expected to reach out to the client & MPP Admin as soon as possible. 

Because tutors have full reign of their availability calendar, it is imperative that tutors are available for each & every one of their booked sessions with their clients. MPP Admin will regularly evaluate each tutor’s overall performance to determine whether a tutor will receive a warning, pause on their profile, or be dismissed from the MPP platform entirely on a case-by-case basis.

  • Tutors shall introduce themselves to new clients & set up video conference sessions.

If a session is booked by a “new client” (a client with whom the tutor has not yet worked before), the tutor shall promptly email the client to introduce themselves, learn more about the student’s needs, ascertain what the student would like to work on at the first session, & send an Intake Assessment

For all sessions, the tutor is responsible for using a reliable online tutoring platform that provides face-to-face video conferencing, interactive whiteboard, and document upload capability such as Zoom, Google Meet, or another suitable platform to create sessions at the day & time of the booking & sharing that link with the client. 

The tutor shall be familiar with the features and functions of the online tutoring platform and be able to conduct online sessions with clients in an effective manner. The tutor shall be held responsible for ensuring that the video platform they choose on which to hold Tutoring sessions permits the Tutor and client to remain on call for the duration of at least one hour.

The tutor is responsible for being proficient in all aspects of running a tutoring session and its features to make the session run smoothly & productively. 

  • Tutors shall promptly respond to MPP staff. 

Tutors shall respond to MPP Admin communications relating to bookings or clients as soon as possible & no later than 12 hours after receiving the MPP Admin communications via email, text, GroupMe, or call unless in the case of emergency.

We expect tutors to respond to MPP Admin communications relating to topics other than bookings or clients that request tutor responses as soon as possible & no later than 24 hours after receiving the MPP Admin communications via whichever application or medium that MPP deems necessary for communication. 

MPP Admin usually communicates with tutors via text message, GroupMe, or email. Please check your email regularly, including your spam box, for any messages from MPP Admin regarding time-sensitive updates & tutoring opportunities. Please also save our MPP phone number (909) 529-1412 and ensure you have access to the MPP GroupMe by which we may communicate with tutors.

  • Tutors shall promptly mark sessions complete.

Once a session is completed, tutors are required to update the booking status to “complete” on the MPP Platform and provide a summary from the session.

If a session is canceled or resulted in a no-show by the client or tutor, the tutor shall promptly mark the session accordingly and “flag the session” on their dashboard. 

Whenever tutors work with a new client, tutors shall provide MPP Admin with feedback about their first session, including the following: (1) How did the session go? (2) Did the client have any concerns? (3) Did the client indicate they would book you for another session? (4) Anything else that you would like us to know.

  • Tutors shall maintain the highest level of conduct with clients.

All tutors on the MPP platform shall maintain the highest level of moral, ethical, & professional conduct while engaging with clients. 

  • Tutors shall be paid a flat rate of $24/hour for tutoring MPP clients.

All tutors will receive a flat-rate of $24/hour for tutoring MPP clients. 

Tutors will not receive any payment for sessions canceled or deemed a “no show” by the client or the tutor. 

If the tutor or client is late to a scheduled tutoring session or if the tutor or client leaves the tutoring session earlier than scheduled, the tutor will be paid for the prorated amount of time tutoring. The tutor shall round down to the nearest quarter hour when calculating tutoring time with a client.

  • Tutors must contact a member of the MPP team as soon as possible if they come across an apparent discrepancy in their payout.

We expect our tutors to monitor & track their weekly payments to ensure that there are no potential errors in the amount they receive per week. If a tutor identifies a possible discrepancy in their payment, they are to let a member of our staff know immediately upon discovery so that we can evaluate the issue.

  • Tutors are not paid if the client is unsatisfied with the session.

If a client notifies MPP Admin that the session they had with the tutor was not productive, MPP Admin will notify the tutor. In such circumstances, the client will not be charged for the session & the tutor will not be paid for the session. In addition, the tutor responsible for the unsatisfactory session may receive a warning. If a client reports an unsatisfactory session twice, the tutor may be subject to a citation & dismissal from the platform. 

  • Tutors may only list subjects in which they have expertise. 

Tutors may only list tutoring subjects in which they are proficient in the subject matter & proficient in teaching the material to students. 

In order to teach K-12 subjects, tutors need to have (1) an academic focus in college/graduate school that is in alignment with the tutoring subject(s) listed & (2) exceptional grades (equivalent to an “A” grade) in the tutoring subject(s). 

In order to teach test preparation (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) on the MPP platform, tutors need to have earned a top score on the test (equivalent to at least top 10%) on that exam. A waiver to the top score requirement may be made for tutors with extensive experience tutoring these exams. 

In order to teach AP classes on the MPP platform, tutors need to have earned a 4 or 5 on the exam. A waiver to the AP score requirement may be made for tutors with extensive experience tutoring these classes. 

If a tutor has the requisite expertise to tutor a subject that does not currently appear on the list of tutoring subjects on the MPP platform, the tutor may ask MPP Admin for assistance with this as needed.  

If a tutor is uncertain about whether or not they are able to proficiently tutor a particular subject, or does not have the expertise or experience to tutor, the tutor should not list that subject as one that they can tutor on their profile.

MPP Admin reserves the right to modify tutoring subjects listed on a tutor’s profile based on the tutor’s application materials.

  • Tutors may not modify the coding, settings, or background of their profile.

Tutors may only modify the content of the information included in their profile as needed. Tutors may not manipulate or edit the web code or any background settings on their profile.


Thank you for adhering to the above Code of Conduct.